Freeman By Design manufactures animal handling equipment and wildlife control equipment. We focus on making high quality equipment that is both easy to use and humane.

Peter Freeman is the company’s founder and chief product developer. With more than 25 years of experience in the animal handling and wildlife control field, he creates innovative and reliable animal control equipment.

Freeman By Design’s animal control and wildlife handling equipment is in use worldwide, from zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, to animal shelters and animal rehabilitation centres.

Freeman Cage Net

This easy to handle net is very popular for indoor use.

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Hammock Net

The Hammock Net is made for fast field captures, safe transportation and easy releases.

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Little Dandy Net

This rugged little powerhouse packs some of the key features of the Hammock Net in a compact frame.

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This tough net bag is ideal for safely securing and transporting small animals and reptiles.

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Leash Pole

Use this pole instead of a leash. Gentle and easy to use.

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ACES ACO’s Friend Leads

The ACO Friend is a handy and strong leash made of twisted wire rope strands coated with vinyl.

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Y Pole

An essential tool to assist in managing dogs, coyotes, wolves.

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Large Netting

A good choice for a wide range of larger animal captures.

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