The Hammock Net has a flexible hoop to more securely capture an animal. The locking cord safely contains and allows for easier releases. The net hoop can be used as a safety barrier between you and the animal. The Hammock Net is retractable to more easily fit into small vehicles. Ideal for handling animals under 45 lbs.(20 kg)

  • Made from rust-resistant aluminum with stainless steel parts and 100% nylon tangle-free netting.
  • The Hammock Net is extendable and retractable.
  • Model FP-24H Measures tip to tail: approx.47”(119cm) to approx. 65” (175cm)
  • Model FP-36H Measure tip to tail:  approx. 71”(180cm) to approx. 106” (272cm)
  • Accommodates animals up to approx. 45 lbs.(20 kg)
  • Net hoop opening is approx.is 17″(43cm) diameter with approx. 40″(101)cm deep net bag.
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Hammock Net Assembly

extends & retracts

Extends & Retracts

Available in two sizes. Each size extends and retracts.



The hoop is flexible to reduce possible escape routes on various terrain and up walls.

secure seal

Secure Seal

A 5mm cord with cord lock allows for the net bag to be sealed off to secure the animal safely inside. The ropes are used to carry the load.


tangle free mesh

Tangle-Free Mesh

The small mesh size greatly reduces the chance of tangling and makes for easier releases. This mesh also helps reduce the risk of damaging the feathers of birds.

As a fan of your work let me say thank you for making our job easier. The hammock net is a quality product and has been a great help to us here.

– Amy Abernathy from Brownwood Animal Control, Texas